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Critical I.T Skills Every South African Business Requires.

On the 18th of February 2021, the Department of Home Affairs announced its draft of critical skills list for South Africa, outlining the skills which are in limited supply in the country. Amazingly, majority of these skills include information communication technology (ICT).

The list includes ICT project manager, ICT security specialist, ICT systems analyst, Network analyst and Web developer to name a few. These skills are in demand and there is a shortage of them in many businesses in the country, because in today’s sophisticated and highly competitive economies, countries are competing for skills to help them stay abreast of fast-moving technologies and rapidly changing business models.

Therefore, a growing number of countries are using their immigration policies to attract these skills to their shores. To put it simply, many people are leaving their home countries to go to other countries, leaving a shortage in their home country of the very skills.

Fortunately, we are meeting the present need for I.T professionals. We provide information communication technology (ICT) solutions, products, and services using ultra-modern technologies. And we are willing to lend our service to businesses in Durban and all-over South Africa. Our aim is to set up a workforce which can generate more industry professionals to fill in the gap in the country. Contact us and we will book a free consultation with us, to discuss effective ways that we use to appropriately service your business.

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