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Have you ever wondered how to get rid of those annoying spaces in your Word Document? Try this easy tip:

In business communication it is key to effectively communicate to your employees and clients so to build a solid relationship with them. Knowing how to correctly format and layout your writing can be a useful tool to show professionalism in your writing. Here is a useful and easy tip which we at Mark 5 use when editing our content on Microsoft Word:

How to insert a nonbreaking space in Word

Some words need to be written together, for example, you might not prefer to break a street number from the street name, or you might prefer to place a person’s first name and surname together. M.S Word gives you the control to make these changes. In Word, one can insert a nonbreaking space instead of a regular space between the words.

To insert a nonbreaking space simply press Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar.

Here is an illustrated example:

Example A:

Please join us this afternoon at 4pm to have a meeting with the professional Mark      

5 team.

(Notice that Mark and 5 are separated at the right margin)

To fix this word separation simply press Backspace to remove the regular space and then Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar.

Then your regular space will be replaced with a nonbreaking space, as illustrated bellow in Example B.

Example B:

Please join us this afternoon at 4pm to have a meeting with the professional Mark 5 team.

How to find nonbreaking characters in Word

Removing these two special characters isn’t troublesome if you know where they are. To know them, click Show/Hide (⁋) in the Paragraph group (on the Home tab). Figure C shows what they look like. Specifically, the degree symbol (°) represents a nonbreaking space, and a longer hyphen represents a nonbreaking hyphen (—).  Sadly, the latter is tough to identify. You can use Word’s Find feature instead. Press Ctrl+F and enter ^s to find a nonbreaking space and ^~ to find a nonbreaking hyphen.

 Figure C:

Please ·join· us ·this ·afternoon ·at ·4pm ·to ·have ·a ·meeting ·with· the· professional· Mark° 5 °team. ⁋

If you found this article helpful, please stay tuned for more tips to apply in Word: such as styles and paragraphing, as well as referencing and layout. If you still feel that you need help with your writing, please write to us and we will kindly assist you, our email is

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