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Why Your Business Urgently Needs to Upgrade Its Cyber Security This Year

Due to the recent rise in remote business operations, there is a high inflow of technology news which urges all businesses to consider upgrading their cyber security this year 2021 and in the next five years.

According to Ken Lamneck from the Forbes Technology Council, preparing employees to work from home has enabled businesses across the country to continue operations, however this has unleashed a new wave of security threats. Interpol has reported an “alarming” rate of cyber attacks directed at major corporations. These threats include; phishing, malware, ransomware and other invasion attempts, and 20% of businesses have reportedly suffered security violations, including financial huge losses.

TechRepublic’s Karen Roby recently hosted an interview with Bob Blakley — the operating partner at Team8. The interview was based on the survey Chief Information Officer (CIOs), Chief Information Security Officer (CISOs), and information security professionals regarding post-pandemic security trends.

The survey reported that security automation and application security are the top priorities for cybersecurity in 2021 for businesses. And 64% of those who responded in the survey said that cloud security is their primary priority because it is quicker to adopt a cloud technology than it is to implement an on-premises technology, when businesses are operating in a distributed mode, and a lot of employees are not on-premises. However, there’s the shortage of cybersecurity professionals, and this has complicated the process of protecting corporate networks from both new and existing threats.

At Mark 5, we have a team of professionals who can fill in your businesses required cyber security needs. We can assist your business to Conduct a Risk Assessment, so that any vulnerabilities detected by this evaluation can be prioritized and used to create a road map for enhancing your cyber security. In addition, we can Evaluate your Network Architecture and facilitate your business to divert to a “segmented” network, which can significantly tighten your security.

Lastly, we can assist you to implement an Employee Training and Awareness Program. This program educates employees about different phishing techniques. In today’s environment, executives and corporate boards understand why security investments are essential, and that’s good news for enterprises everywhere.  Contact Mark 5 I.T regarding any security challenges your company may face, our email is, and we will grant you a comprehensive quote which will meet your current cyber security needs.

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